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Eureka's real strength is being able to quickly understand our business problem and translate that into an integration of the right technology pieces. They have strong technical knowledge and can bridge the gap between a technical and business solution.
Steve Horne
VP DBM Consulting



Features of MLM software

Primary data administration
Student record management
Acadamic profile management
Teacher & management profile

Attendance Reporting and Management
Maintains attendance activity
Prints daily attendance bulletins and lists
Calculates Average Daily Attendance (ADA)
Analyse percentages and totals

Time-Table Planning and Management
Free-period enquiries for pupils and teachers
Management of rooms and resources
Highlights problems and anomalies - classes without rooms, oversize classes, double-bookings etc.
Teacher workload report
Implement standard scheduling schemes (four-quarter, six-term and trimester)

Fee Management & Tracking
Tracking various school related fees
Tracking various school related fees
Record & analyse activities and equipment
Maintain class dues, field trips and books charges

Examination Management System
Exam timetable - individual timetables for pupils, invigilators, rooms
Modular and final-style exams
Manages external candidates
Group allocation of pupils to exams and option paper combinations
Invigilation management - the system provides intelligent support for the allocation of staff for invigilation duties
Allocation of rooms and seats on Exams
Integrated Subsystems
Payroll Management
Hostel Management
Library Management
Transport Management

Comprehensive Reporting System
Contains numerous predefined reports which can be selected by year, department, group or set
Individual results for each pupil covering all the exam boards and exam styles
History of results included in each pupils database record
There is a selective Mail merge facility which allows extraction of pupil details to include in word-processor documents or for export into database applications

Catalog Management Solution - BIZ Dynamic
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Multi-Level Marketing Management (MLM)

Personnel Management System (PMS)

Construction Management Software (CMS)
Hospital Management System (HMS)
School Management System (SMS)
Application Development
Web Services
Multimedia Services
Enterprise Solutions