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Eureka's real strength is being able to quickly understand our business problem and translate that into an integration of the right technology pieces. They have strong technical knowledge and can bridge the gap between a technical and business solution.
Steve Horne
VP DBM Consulting



Features of CMS software

BudgetBooks - Markup & Items
Option to create an estimate in BudgetBooks from project totals page or entire workbook
Automatically sets custom markup of BudgetBooks items equal to original estimate markup
Option to calculate custom markup using either percent of costs or percent margin methods

BudgetBooks - Invoices & Purchase Orders
Detailed customer/project/job information
Ability to invoice, estimate, create purchase orders using a detailed construction specific items list in BudgetBooks created from your items
Ability to create BudgetBooks invoice and purchase order with item quantities, costs and prorated taxes from specific estimate category or sheet

Document Management

Ability to assign tasks via email to Subcontractors, Suppliers, Clients, etc..
Direct integration with MS Outlook and project database
New automated transmittal, fax, memo, envelope form attached to document preformatted with contact information
Ability to automatically repair/rebuild/update the project database so that any active document project fields are available through Document Management

Custom AutoDocs

Custom AutoDocs Wizard for creating custom templates with full document automation
Custom documents folders are accessible directly from Microsoft Word

Project Backup

Customize to run backup system on start-up, shut-down or both Scheduled backup - Backups can be taken at any time possible
Ability to back up files to a network server, storage device, network computer or same computer


StreamLine project management by automatically creating a schedule from a project estimate
Unlimited project length - Project Duration can span multiple years/phases
Ability to combine separate projects into a single schedule

Scheduling - View Options

Show/hide all project bars, headers and tasks for individual projects
Option to insert custom image/ company logo in Title Bar, background image, titles and subtitles, predesigned color schemes

Scheduling - Critical Path & Predecessors

Ability to set predecessors between subtasks, headers and tasks in other projects
Show/find duplicate or predecessor within task names within single or multiple projects
Show/find All CPM tasks (tasks with predecessors) for a selected task within single or multiple projects
Automatically warns user when moving a task start date before a predecessor

Scheduling - Navigation

Show/find Milestones within single or multiple projects (typically non-monetary events, i.e. inspections, deadlines, etc.)
Save and send read-only versions of estimates & schedule for Subcontractors, Suppliers, Clients, Bankers, etc..
Shift all projects or a single project by number of days forward or backward on Gantt Chart or change the starting date

Scheduling - Reports & Automation

Generate report (automated word document) for tasks by week, multiple weeks, month, from month to month
Generate status report (automated word document) active, inactive, completed, incomplete and report without inactive tasks .
Generate work order (automated word document) for selected tasks - single or multiple tasks

Catalog Management Solution - BIZ Dynamic
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Multi-Level Marketing Management (MLM)

Personnel Management System (PMS)

Construction Management Software (CMS)
Hospital Management System (HMS)
School Management System (SMS)
Application Development
Web Services
Multimedia Services
Enterprise Solutions