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Eureka's real strength is being able to quickly understand our business problem and translate that into an integration of the right technology pieces. They have strong technical knowledge and can bridge the gap between a technical and business solution.
Steve Horne
VP DBM Consulting



Features of PMS software

Personnel Information Processing
Create, Locate and manage personnel information
Personnel Leave and Salary Processing
Define Dynamic Departments and posts

Masters Entry
ESI, PF, TDS Masters Entry
Set up, Locate and Manage Clients

Placement Processing
Placement Contracts establishment
Employee Placements Entry
Placement Termination

Daily Attendance

Payslip Generation
Salary Calculation
OverTime Calculation

Employee Reports
Bio-Data Report
ID renewal Report
Ex-Serviceman Report
ESI No., PF No. and Bank Account No. allotment Report

Placement Reports
Employee Placement Analysis
Client Placement Analysis

Attendance Reports
Employee Attendance Analysis
Client Attendance Analysis

Designation Reports
All region, all branches complete report & summary
Client Placement all branches & summary
Branch (Location) Placement all Clients & summary
Region Placement all branches & summary

ESI & PF Reports
Employee P.F. month-wise and Annual report
Employee S.I. month-wise and Annual report

Catalog Management Solution - BIZ Dynamic
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Multi-Level Marketing Management (MLM)

Personnel Management System (PMS)

Construction Management Software (CMS)
Hospital Management System (HMS)
School Management System (SMS)
Application Development
Web Services
Multimedia Services
Enterprise Solutions