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Eureka's real strength is being able to quickly understand our business problem and translate that into an integration of the right technology pieces. They have strong technical knowledge and can bridge the gap between a technical and business solution.
Steve Horne
VP DBM Consulting



Features of ERP software

Multiple budgets for tracking different scenarios
The ability to easily create new budgets from existing budgets or even from actual results and more customizable budget reports.
Companies can now work on their budgets offline in a spreadsheet and import the results into ERP Application.

Advanced Billing
ERP application's Advanced Billing capabilities automate billing schedules and commission payments
Revenue forecasting of these scheduled payments is projected accurately rather than in one lump sum at the time of order placement.

Human Capital Management
To help you maximize the potential of your workforce it supports
Talent management
Workforce process management
Workforce deployment

Advanced Inventory Commitment
Sales representatives need clear, real-time visibility to inventory for accurate, confident order promising.
Sales, Marketing and operations need sophisticated allocation tools for managing precious inventory quantities.
Receiving inventory and prioritizing for allocation to backorders logically.
ERP Application's new advanced inventory commitment tools tune sales order promising and bring new tools for inventory allocation and picking
Automatically commit new inventory to back orders-all driving higher customer service levels.

Revenue Recognition
ERP Application's makes it easier for companies to flexibly recognize revenue according to customer contracts
Maintain Accounting Control within GAAP and other reporting standards.

ERP Application now gives users the ability to allocate costs by GL account, class, department or location.
Users can choose to weight by dollar or percentage and can even set up a recurring allocation schedule within the system.

ERP Application now supports multi-currency bank accounts
ERP Application can handle expense reporting capabilities
Seamless International commerce and accurate financial management.

Lot Tracking
Track inventory within the facility as well as in the distribution pipeline
Lot tracking with lot numbers and expiration dates as well as specific costing methods
Track further inventory and sale attributes as well as understand the time value of product with regard to expiration date. They can also tie specific costing methods to particular lots as appropriate.

Inventory Re-ordering
Inventory management and replenishment tied with purchasing for repeating the cycle of demand and procurement.
ERP Application simplifies this process with inventory monitoring automated reordering reminder notifications on user's dashboards.
With the planner's approval, a single click automates P.O. creation.

Assembly Items
Light manufacturing and assembly management involves more than just direct materials used in the build.
ERP Application gives businesses new capabilities to capture total costs by including non-inventory and service costs in assemblies.
Businesses can now also adjust the quantity of raw materials utilized in the builds and better understand utilization and impact on inventories.


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