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I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the great work your firm did for us in totally re-designing our website. It looks great and we have received many compliments. Best of all, I can see that the search optimization has really worked as I am receiving a lot more traffic from our website. Just yesterday, I received a referral of a personal injury case from an attorney in another city who told me that he found me by a Google search where my firm came up #2 on the results.
James B. Reed 
Hayden & Mustico  



Eureka provides professional strategy and services for marketing online, web site marketing and Internet advertising. 

EEPL is a search engine optimization and Internet marketing company that offers outstanding Internet advertising campaigns and solutions to help grow your business.  Our staff is exceptionally qualified in Internet marketing plans, potential new client acquisition retention and conversion, web site design, marketing online and search engine marketing (SEM).  We are highly experienced in various aspects of technology, marketing, business information systems, online marketing and increasing our client's sales and profits.  

Current Internet marketing, web site promotion and search engine optimization methodologies and best practices, involves thinking about having potential new clients viewing your web site, from the time you choose your domain name until you have many rich content web pages, and you are implementing programs to increase your web site traffic.  This includes 1. paid advertising from Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and 2. natural search engine rankings.

It is also very important for your selected search engine optimization company to have keyword referral tracking and web metrics in order to properly monitor your results.  We track visitors from search engines and paid Internet advertising.  That way you know what campaigns are successful and which Internet marketing campaigns have the best return on investment (ROI).

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