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After an extensive evaluation of more than a dozen software developers to architect and develop the core framework of our next generation Client-Server product, we chose Eureka because it was clear they instantly understood the challenges we faced. Six months later, we could not have been happier with our decision - the quality of Eureka's work combined with their resilience and flexibility was truly outstanding.
Jeremy S. Levine
VP of Operations



Data and information are the key assets of any company. EEPL understands that the drivers for data migration are multicolored in nature and each factor is unique and critical. Eureka offers a comprehensive set of services in this value added domain. Eureka also is well aware of the Intellectual Property implications involved in this exercise and guarantees data integrity and security in this exercise. We have well defined processes and procedures to undertake migration and has gained rich experience in this domain across varied database platforms.

Please see our methodology section that provides more information on our approach and range of our service offerings in the data migration realm. Click Here

The following listing of databases is currently included in EEPLs data migration services:

SQL Server 2000


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